Age of War is a tactical warfare game that revolves around creating units to destroy the opponent's base before computer opponent can destroy your base. As you play the game and kill your opponent's units, you gain experience points which can advance you to the next age. Each age represents a historical period of time from the Stone Age up to a futuristic age after our current time. Each age comes with its own units and base upgrades.


The goal of the game is to survive by destroying the opponent's base while defending your own. This is done by sending units in a horizontal straight line against each other. You create units which advance automatically towards the enemy and you upgrade your base to defend against the enemy units. When you start a new game, you choose between three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Impossible. The game is divided into five ages from the Stone Age to the future. Age Four is our current time, while Age Five is set in our future and contains laser cannons and super soldiers. Which age you are in determines which units you can build and which upgrades are available for your base. Each age also has its own special attack which has a cooldown timer before you can re-use it. In order to move to the next age, you need experience points. To gain experience points, you need to kill enemy units. You also gain experience points when your own units die. The base can't be repaired, but will gain health as you advance to the next age. The game only has one opponent to beat and no other levels after the first one.


Glorious Morning by Waterflame Age of War Soundtra

Glorious Morning by Waterflame

The soundtrack is created by Waterflame, a Norwegian recording artist. This soundtrack and other works by the artist is available from Newground's Audio Portal.


  Field of Strife Badge
Easy pts
Age of War » Train 100 units and lay waste to 100 enemies
  Age of Victory Badge
Medium pts
Age of War » Defeat your opponent


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