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Your objective in this strategy game is to take control of an entire hive. You breed bee-like bots and let them evolve to build up your army. Send your buzz-bots to attack hexagon shaped cells to capture territory and grow your hive. The game is fully mouse controlled.


In this game, you control the yellow buzz-bots and fight for control of the hive. Click the yellow buzz-bot you started with and drag it to where you want it to go or attack, and double-click to reproduce. You can also select many of them at once by dragging your cursor to form a box around them. You can only reproduce if you have fewer units than Hexes.

By hovering the cursor over a bot, you can see its stats (presented as Sight, Speed, Agility, Range, Damage and Armor) and reproduce those with your desired stats. Use this information to help you conquer the hive!


  Adapt or Fly Badge
Easy pts
Adapt or Die » Master flight and beat level 4
  Divide and Conquer Badge
Hard pts
Adapt or Die » Complete the campaign

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