Achievement Unlocked 3 is a platformer meta-game based on getting achievements, where you control a little elephant exploring the world, or at least the rooms he can reach. It is the sequel to Achievement Unlocked 2 and the third game in the series. The game was created by jmtb02 and features his trademark blue elephant protagonist.


Take control of your friendly blue elephant once again and try and get all of the 400 achievements in the game. The goal of the game is not to traverse levels without dying, but solely to get achievements. A lot of the time, dying is encouraged and helps get achievements. You may collect coins, touch blocks, die on spikes, use teleport tubes or play with each levels unique gadgets. Collected coins can be used to unlock more features of the game. Each level has a unique feature you must figure out in order to get achievements and progress the game.


The game has 400 achievements which are awarded for specific in-game tasks. Some are really simple and are almost impossible to avoid getting, such as achievements for moving your character and jumping. Some of them involve dying in a specific manner. There are some that are more difficult to get and require the player to work towards that specific goal. A full list is available on the official walkthrough.


  • This game's Medium badge is the 2000th badge on Kongregate. Hooray!


Coins for Pellets for Progress for a
  Coins for Pellets for Progress for a Badge
Easy pts
Achievement Unlocked 3 » Unlock the gym area
Skinner Box Recursion
  Skinner Box Recursion Badge
Medium pts
Achievement Unlocked 3 » Earn any 300 in-game achievements


Achievement Unlocked 3 Walkthrough Speedrun - 25 25

Achievement Unlocked 3 Walkthrough Speedrun - 25 25