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AAA Regulars:Edit

While I'm updating the modlist I should probably mention this is outdated as fuck and most of these people don't enter the room anymore

B1_HappyHawaiian ~ angry Hawaiian dude. Typically heavily intoxicated. Strongly dislikes white people.

DrThirteen ~ AAA's resident raging homosexual/doctor. Lover of awesome music and kick-ass video games.

Fallacia ~ A former GameFaqs Mod, Fallacia is the king of J-pop, and takes great pleasure in destroying the dreams of Kitezer. The most responsible person in AAA. Was once moderator and Room Owner but gave it all up to embrace a life of political science and turkey sandwiches.

joebob23 ~ The uncoolest. Room owner. Programmer/Game Dev (ostensibly). (Steam ID: Invisihole)

kngrgte ~ A relaxed man that doesn't afraid of anything. Has not been seen in a while.

rehm123 ~ Fantasizes about being great but will most likely never be, due to her single motherhood and ethnic female archtype. Last seen working as fast food employee.

Seafear1 ~ The king of scrubs no one likes him.

AAA Mod Force:Edit