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A Small Favor is a badged game on Kongregate. It was developed by Zeebarf and the soundtrack was done by DAVIDS & Mitch Bowden. It was sponsored by Newgrounds.


Using the mouse, the player can pick up and combine items, shoot enemies, and move around. The objective is to swiftly eliminate the Senator R.R. Lobe.


  • To get the Hard badge you must complete all 4 favors and open the middle locker. Stuck on the locker code? Zeebarf's Kongregate profile may hold a clue!


  Out of Office Badge
Medium pts
A Small Favor » Assassinate the senator
  A Job Well Done Badge
Hard pts
A Small Favor » Earn the "elite" ranking
  Blind Ambition Badge
Medium pts
A Small Favor » Fail your mission (Fission Mailed)


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