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A Knight's Story is an Idle game. A more elaborate sequel called A Knight's Story 2 was released in December 2009.


Tristan the knight starts off as a The Noob but levels up as you chat and gains new titles. Watch as he grows and defeats foe after foe.


The gameplay is automatic, so you can spend your time chatting. Tristan fights off enemies and earns gold. His level is based on the amount of time the player has spent in the Idle game. When you get enough gold, you can buy bonus time and help Tristan grow faster. During the bonus time, Tristan gains experience twice as fast as he normally would. Bonus times are not saved, so if a player does not use up all his bonus time in one gameplay session, the unused bonus time is lost.


As you play, Tristan levels up and the levels are recorded.


  • As an idle game, moderators love to play it because they can chat while progressing in the game.

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