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ACTION TURNIP!!! is a badged game on Kongregate. It was developed by raitendo.


Jump, double-jump, and shoot! You play as a little turnip in this odd game. There are 2 modes: Run'n'Gun and Turnabalt. For Run'n'Gun, you use the WASD or arrow keys to control the turnip, and use the mouse to shoot at your enemies, mainly the pesky owl things. Try not to lose too much of your life or drop into the holes! You may also collect stuff on the way that temporarily change the scenery, such as the checker-board which turns the background black and white. The Turnabalt mode plays like Canabalt, in which you try to survive by jumping over gaps in the ground. Unlike Run'n'Gun, you use your mouse this time to control the turnip.



  Attack of the Killer Turnip Badge
Medium pts
ACTION TURNIP!!! » Score 2,500 points in Run 'n' Gun mode

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