99 Bricks gave us a physics puzzle which let you use Tetris bricks to build a tower and this sequel adds RPG elements and a campaign to the formula. Help Garry on his quest to save the land of Brickonia through 24 levels. Or try to build as high as you can in the classic mode, in this epic sequel to 99 Bricks. Use all your building skills in this physics based game to reach the top.


The realm of Brickonia is in grave danger and only Garry can save it, guided by your unseen hand and your amazing stacking skills. The game has a campaign map with 24 towns, each town consisting of a puzzle level. The overall goal of the game is to reach the final level and defeat it. You journey from town to town, solving the different stacking puzzles on the level. On each level, you have a specific goal and a certain amount of bricks to build your tower. The goal on a level may be to build a tower as high, as dense, or at times, as short as you can. Your building drop from the top of the screen and you use the arrow keys to flip the bricks and steer them to where they fit the best. For each brick in your tower, you earn gold to spend on upgrades. You may discard a falling brick and undo the placement of a previous brick, but only if you've purchased that particular upgrade.

The game adds new kinds of bricks to mix up the gameplay, and downright devious puzzle levels which may produce a real challenge. The puzzle levels provide a break from the other towns, which all have puzzles of the same pattern. There's also a classic mode selectable from the main menu for fans of the previous game or if you just wish to test your stacking skills.


  • Previews - You can see the upcoming bricks
  • Lives - More lives
  • Discards - Discard falling bricks that you don't like instead of risk losing lives
  • Undos - Undo your last placed brick
  • Fast Move - Allows you to move your brick fast sideways, helps nudging a brick into place

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