5 Differences is a badged spot-the-difference game on Kongregate. It is the first game in Ivory's X Differences series. In this iteration of the series the player has to find five differences between two pictures. It was developed by Ivory Boy and sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games.



The end game. It's possible to see "END" written with stars

At first glance, it looks like a run-of-the-mill spot the difference, but the dynamic images and polished art style draws you in. Each level has 5 differences for you to discover. There is no time limit or score system in the game, so there's really nothing to stop you from clicking everywhere. There is no soundtrack.


  • There are some levels in which the difference is in written text in signs or billboards. Some of these can provoke a humorous response, like "People must be kept on a leash" that should have been "Pets must be kept on a leash".


Difference Detective
  Difference Detective Badge
Medium pts
5 Differences » Find every last difference

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