"One door, firmly locked, but have you got what it takes to escape? 40 times?" - Bart Bonte

40xEscape is a simple game of the escape the room genre of puzzle games. You have to solve puzzles to escape the same room a total of 40 times in a row. It was developed by Bart Bonte, the author of many other badged games.



The ending screen

You are locked up inside a room, and you need to solve a difficult puzzle in order to open the door and escape - the thing is, you have to do it 40 times. Forty locked doors and forty tests of your problem solving skills. Every room presents a unique puzzle that will require a lot of brain power and outside-the-box thinking to solve. There is no immediate danger or anything else making the puzzles time sensitive. Take your time and think through each puzzle. Each level is essentially the same room, but with a few extra ingredients to change the puzzle around. It's all about determining the correct sequence of mouse actions that will open the door and often the solution is directly related to the ESCAPE sign above the door. All of the game puzzles are fully controllable with the mouse.



  This Is the Only Door Badge
Medium pts
40xEscape » Complete all 40 levels and finally escape through the door


40x Escape Narrated Walkthrough13:23

40x Escape Narrated Walkthrough

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