3D Logic is a 3D spatial logic puzzle game made by the Russian Alexei Matveev. The goal of the game is to connect each colored square on the grid by a continuous line to the square of the same color. Lines of different colors can't overlap each other. It was sponsored by MicroGames, a Russian gaming website.

The game has a sequel, 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage.



A completed 5³ Cube

The player is presented with 3 sides of a Cube and each side has a grid of squares of varying sizes, although all 3 sides are equally big in any given level. The goal of the game is to draw a line of squares connecting each colored marker with the marker of corresponding color. The lines for each color cannot cross each other, nor can they cross black spaces that limit possible paths. There are 30 Cubes, theoretically increasing in difficulty as they go by. Cells are not linkable diagonally. The first Cubes start out being 3x3x3, going all the way up to 5x5x5 on later Cubes. There are Clear and Undo buttons at the bottom of the playing field, if the player wants to start over or fix a mistake. The game features a Save System, so the player may continue his progress.

The game is fully controllable with the mouse.



Ending Screen

  • A big chunk of players seem to have a hard time with Level 16, even though it's supposed to be of medium difficulty. In the wise words of the top commenter EnderW23: "I hope level 16 spends all eternity in the lowest level of hell..."


Cranial Conquest Badge
  Cranial Conquest Badge
Hard pts
3D Logic » Complete all 30 levels


Image Walkthrough for all 30 levels, courtesy of Free Web Arcade.

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