"Upgrade your piggies and guide them safely to Pigsland. Follow the leader!" — VladG

300 miles to Pigsland is a platformer game with forced side-scrolling. It was developed by VladG, drawn by Lesha Babay and the soundtrack is by Alexander Balint.


The player controls a group of pigs that can have from one to six members (they have to be bought). They can jump, double-jump, and fly, although the two latter abilities have to be acquired through upgrades. The objective is to reach the end without losing all pigs, which is 300 miles away from the beginning. There are traps, mud holes, and wild animals to mess with the player along his trip. There are wolves, bears that require the High-Jump upgrade to avoid, blue birds, and flying aliens. Buying upgrades, such as armor and more pigs, makes the journey easier, which can be done with money found on the adventure in coins with a value of 1, 5, and 10. Collecting one of the four purple flying gems awards the player with 50 coins.



A complete list of achievements

There is a total of 10 achievements - each one adding 500 to the player's total score.

  • 100-Mile-Pig Keeper: Complete 100 miles of adventure without lost pigs.
  • 200-Mile-Pig Keeper: Complete 200 miles of adventure without lost pigs.
  • Master Pig Keeper: Complete the adventure without lost pigs.
  • Cautious Pigs: Complete 100 miles of adventure without lost equipment.
  • Cautious Boars: Complete 150 miles of adventure without lots equipment.
  • Master Keeper: Complete 200 miles of adventure without lost equipment.
  • Coins Collector: Collect 500 money during one adventure.
  • Greedy pigs: Collect 1000 money during one adventure
  • Crystals Collector: Catch all 4 crystals.
  • Clever Pigs: Complete all puzzles.



  • The developer gave special thanks to Johnny K, the developer of other badged games such as Cover Orange 2.
  • The game has a button entitled "Add to web" that links here.
  • The code "ILOVEBIGDINO" awards the player with 200 coins, and "ILOVEMYMOMMY" rewards the player with 150 coins.


This Little Piggy
  This Little Piggy Badge
Easy pts
300 miles to Pigsland » Get a score of at least 200 points
Went to the Market
  Went to the Market Badge
Easy pts
300 miles to Pigsland » Earn 500 coins in a single adventure
Did a Puzzle
  Did a Puzzle Badge
Medium pts
300 miles to Pigsland » Complete all 8 puzzles
Went All the Way Home
  Went All the Way Home Badge
Hard pts
300 miles to Pigsland » Complete the adventure without losing a single pig

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