10 More Bullets is a shooter upgrade game, developed by sushistory and published on Oct. 25, 2013. A sequel to 10 bullets, which didn't offer upgrades nor some features like special ships and waves, items dropped from destroyed ships or grabbers. The game also introduces a 2 players mode.  


Players control a base having 10 bullets. As enemy ships wander the sky, it's all about right timing to choose the perfect spot and shoot to trigger a chain reaction.

Special ships drop items (the bigger and harder to destroy, the more items dropped), granting you with gold coins which can be spent on upgrading or booster used while gaming, gaining extra grabbers, free bullets, double score, etc for a limited time. The number of boosters used is fixed, however, and you may upgrade the number of slots to be able to use more than one at once.

Scoring is a multiplier dependent, but the multiplier is also fixed by the number of combos allowed and can be upgraded.

You may upgrade your base with Max Combo (to get bigger explosions and extra multiplier), Boosters (more slots to use more boosters at the same time), Grabbers (have more to grab items on the ground dropped from destroyed ships) or Special Waves (to have more ships per wave).


Magic Bullet Badge
  Magic Bullet Badge
Easy pts
10 More Bullets » Get 100 kills with a single bullet
Perpetual Fireworks Badge
  Perpetual Fireworks Badge Badge
Medium pts
10 More Bullets » Get 2,000 total kills with your 10 bullets during a single game


10 More Bullets09:25

10 More Bullets

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