10 is a puzzle game that revolves around sliding blocks with numerical values assigned to them. It's all about making blocks of 10s. Slide numbers together to add them up and reach the target value of 10. As you play, blocks are made and you have to avoid getting trapped.


10 is the title of a sliding-block mathematical puzzle game. In each level, you will be presented with a grid with several blocks placed around the grid. Each block is assigned a numerical value, positive or negative. You can move these blocks in four different directions around the grid by clicking and dragging them towards the direction you wish to send them. They will travel in a straight line until they hit a wall or collide with another numbered block. When two such squares collide, they are combined into one new square block and their numbers are added together. If the total is equal to 10, which is the target value, the square becomes an immovable block. No block can have a total value higher than 10. The goal is to combine all the squares on the board into 10s, but beware that blocks of 10 become immovable and create obstacles for the other blocks. You have to plan ahead to avoid getting blocked in.

The game is also released on iOS and Google Play. The free browser version offers 55 of the mobile version's 140 levels and the levels come in increasing difficulty. Later levels include new puzzle elements such as wormholes.


Triple Ten Tens
  Triple Ten Tens Badge
Easy pts
10 » Make 30 tens
Tense Tenuity
  Tense Tenuity Badge
Hard pts
10 » Complete all 55 levels

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