Music in Motion is a musical platformer game. This game is a combination of the music and platformer genres in which the music generates the obstacles.


The game is a keyboard controlled platformer. There are four stages and each of them have a different gameplay mechanic. The goal in each level is to survive, but the obstacles and platforms are completely different in each level. You have three lives and any damage taken will cause you to lose a life and you have to start from the beginning of the level.

The first level is a forced sidescroller where obstacles are generated from the music. You have to keep jumping to avoid getting stuck in order to reach the end of the level. The second level is a basic avoidance game where you dodge falling blocks. Once a block hits the floor, you can jump on top of it to get away from other blocks. The blocks stack, but disappear after a short time. The third level is completely round, a planet-like sphere with gravity towards its center, allowing you to walk all around the sphere. Spikes appear randomly after being telegraphed by bright colors and you have to avoid them to survive. The last level is a boss fight against a massive robot.


Musical Destruction
  Musical Destruction Badge
Medium pts
- Music in Motion - » Defeat the evil robot boss



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