About the RoomEdit

龍的巢穴 Stands for "The Dragon's Lair" in Chinese.

The chatroom is for Kongregate's Chinese population as well as other sociable regulars from different places of the world. StarryDawn is the owner of the room. Other mods who take care of the room are chyoei, Kannushi_Link, ExiaZero, joye and SJOKER.

Regular players include: alliofnee, Nightmarez, BeastyBoyz, knightsan99, Zetaland, gigikun, anonymity, Peiking, CeeTee, pandasianx, youtuber999, QutiarHero, AutoMaticK, Slash121494, pikafan, ChainReaction, wafflesinthe, bluefool, wicked6, and CowFriend.

The room is famous for having members such as Kannushi_Link - one of the leaders of the leaderboard; SJOKER, Champion of "The Gauntlet" Tournament and 1st runner-up of the "Kwest for the Holy K" Tournament as well as SnailGame, the developer of "Heroes of Gaia".

The Mod teamEdit

Currently, there are 6 members of the mod team - Starrydawn, chyoei, Kannushi_Link, Exiazero, joye and SJOKER. The following are brief bios about them:


The room owner of the room and the leader of the team. A well balanced gamer.

Place of origin: Taiwan


Mainly considered as the right hand man of Starrydawn. Very helpful. Likes to listen to Evanescence.

Place of origin: Taiwan


The mod with the highest lvl as well as being a veteran member of the kong community. Has good knowledge of computer programming and various software.

Place of origin: Taiwan


Currently the first mod from Hong Kong. Often specializes in certain strategy/ adventure games such as elements, kongai and mardek. Has good knowledge in world history and military history. Speaks 4 languages - English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French. Currently studying archaeology.

Place of origin: Hong Kong


Currently the first female mod in the 龍的巢穴 team. Also helping out in jayisgames. Fluent in english and an advanced student of Mandarin Chinese. Knows French as well.

Place of origin: Canada


An all-rounder in terms of many kong games and has decent experience in kong competitions. Is a math teacher in terms of occupation.

Place of origin: Taiwan

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